Cheat: Get immediate lives in Candy Crush Saga – Android, iOS

Candy Crush Saga was initially a Facebook only game which was later launched for smartphones in November 2012. It is a very popular and highly addictive game with 46 million average monthly users. It has already surpassed FarmVille 2 which was previously the most popular Facebook game.


As you probably already know, Candy Crush Saga gameplay depends a lot on Facebook. Once you connect Candy Crush Saga to your Facebook account, your progress and scores are automatically shared with your friends. Most importantly, you can request your friends to send you lives whenever you are stuck. If none of your friends sends you a life, you have to wait for 30 minutes for playing again.

As a workaround, for having 5 lives at once and immediately whenever your life count reaches zero, follow these very simple steps:

  1. Exit Candy Crush Saga. By exiting, I mean properly quit Candy Crush Saga or kill it. If it is running in the background, this workaround won’t work.
  2. Go to “Date and Time Settings” in Android or iOS (whichever you are using) and change your date to one day ahead. For example, if it is the 14th today, change it to the 15th.
  3. Open Candy Crush Saga and you’ll notice that now you have 5 lives (the maximum you can have).
  4. Quit Candy Crush Saga again and correct your phone’s date to the original one.
  5. Open Candy Crush Saga and enjoy the gameplay.

You can follow these steps whenever you are out of lives. As a precaution, don’t update Candy Crush Saga as this might be patched in the next version and the workaround might stop working then.