How to: Offline Flash / Unbrick / Update Sky Vega phones – All models

Sky Vega is a Korean Android smartphone manufacturing company which has recently gained enough popularity in the overseas markets. Unlike other leading smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola, Sky Vega doesn’t provide any phone flashing tools at all. All the flashing is done by ActiveX framework in Internet Explorer 8 and later. So, unlike other smartphone brands, you can’t save the firmware files of Sky Vega for offline flashing. Every time you want to flash/update a Sky Vega phone, you are forced to connect your phone to Sky Vega update servers via Internet Explorer and wait for the files to download and flash which takes a couple of hours at least.

And the problem is that the files are temporarily stored in the Windows /tmp directory and they are automatically deleted after the flashing process is complete. This means a re-download of the firmware even if you are flashing the same phone model over and over again. Sky Vega firmware is a file with .binx extension. No method of extracting/tweaking this file is known till today. Neither is there any other known method of flashing it except the official Internet Explorer method.

In this guide, we will set up a local web server and point Internet Explorer to that server so it will download the websites from the local hard disk rather than going online every time. This means that you will need to download the firmware files for every Sky Vega model just once. Though, another condition applies to the term “once” used here. Every time Sky Vega releases a newer firmware version for any of their phone models, you will need to download and save that file and delete the older one, otherwise you will not be able to flash the phone as Sky Vega doesn’t allow downgrading and flashing of any firmware except the most recent one. There is no known workaround to this for now although you can downgrade by restoring an older backup via CWM or TWRP. We will not be covering downgrading in this guide though.

Does this guide apply to you?

This guide applies to you if:

  • You are in a semi-bricked state and you can at least get to the download mode. If there is no screen feedback when trying to turn on the phone, or when trying to get to the download mode or by connecting the charger, it is a hard brick and you need the services of a JTAG professional.
  • You want to update your Sky Vega phone but are unable to update it using the online update method.
  • You are a pro and need to flash/update more than 1 Sky Vega phone daily.
  • You are stuck in custom recovery (CWM or TWRP) and flashing a custom rom zip via recovery isn’t helping.
  • You have unknown baseband and IMEI on your Sky Vega phone as a result of flashing a custom rom.

Things you need

  1. A Windows XP / 7 PC with USB 2.0 port. USB 3.0 won’t work.
  2. Internet Explorer 8 or newer.
  3. Sky Vega drivers. Download from here and install now.
  4. Notepad++. Download from here and install now.
  5. Abyss web server. Download from here and install following the default presented options. Click yes when asked to start the web server.
  6. Internet Download Manager from here or any download manager of your choice.

Downloading the firmware files

Official Sky Vega firmware files are hosted here:

But you can’t browse the firmwares by visiting the web address mentioned above. For downloading the firmwares, you need to provide the exact address to the firmware file in this format:<phone-model>/<firmware-version.binx>

You need to replace <phone-model> and <firmware-version.binx> in the above according to your requirements. You can easily find your phone model under the battery or via “Settings > About” in Android menu. For finding the <firmware-version.binx> part, you need to download this file:

Once downloaded, open it up using Notepad++ you have already installed and you’ll find that it is a list of firmware files for all the Sky Vega phones. Press “Ctrl + F” and type your desire phone model. For example, if you want to download the firmware of Sky IM-A850S, type that in the find box and you’ll see these details:


In the details listed above, our concerned part is “FileName” field. Copy it and add it to your download URL which we mentioned above. So now your desired download address will look like this:

I hope you got how to generate the download path for your desired firmware. Once generated, you just need to open it up in your browser or add that download link to the download manager of your choice for downloading the firmware file.

Important: Whenever you are going to download any firmware, it is mandatory that you download a fresh copy of the “download.inf” file and use that to generate the link so that you are downloading the latest version firmware. If you download an older version firmware file, you won’t be able to flash it to your phone at all. You always need the newest one.

Setting up Abyss Web Server

If, as advised, you chose the default presented options while installing Abyss Web Server, you will have a directory named “Abyss Web Server” in your “C:” drive. If you can find it under your “C:” drive, open up “Command Prompt” and create the required directory structure by running this command:

mkdir “C:\Abyss Web Server”\htdocs\self_binary\sky_binary\real

You can also create the directory structure manually by right clicking and choosing “New Folder”. Now navigate to “C:\Abyss Web Server”\htdocs\self_binary\sky_binary\real and create a new directory corresponding to your phone model. For example, if your phone model is “IM-A850S”, create a new directory using the exact same name and copy over your downloaded .binx firmware file inside this directory.


You can add as many phone models as you want. Just keep downloading the latest firmwares and keep adding them to the respective directories. Keep deleting the older firmware files when a new version is released as the older ones are useless in that case.

You also need to copy the “download.inf” file to “C:\Abyss Web Server”\htdocs\self_binary\sky_binary\real as illustrated in the screenshot above. Whenever you download a newer “download.inf” file, delete the older one and replace it with the newly downloaded one.

Setting up Internet Explorer and flashing the firmware

If you don’t use Internet Explorer as your primary browser and don’t have any history/bookmarks there, it is strongly recommended to reset Internet Explorer before proceeding. This is to ensure that everything stated here works for you. For resetting Internet Explorer, go to “Settings > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset” and tick “Delete personal settings” before clicking the “Reset” button again.


Important: Before proceeding, make sure you’ve installed the Sky Vega USB drivers.

  • Connect your phone in S/W download mode to your PC.
  • Open up this address in Internet Explorer:
  • Internet Explorer would prompt you to install an add-on from Sky Update. Click the “Install” button.
  • In the address bar in Internet Explorer, there is a small button for enabling/disabling “Compatibility View” which is labelled as “2” in the screenshot above. You need to click at it now. Make sure you click it just once and not twice or your will be toggling the compatibility view on and off. We need it enabled.
  • Wait patiently. The flashing update button labelled “3” in the screenshot above will load to a static blue colored clickable button as shown in the screenshot below. It might take 15-20 minutes to load for the first time.
  • Once you see the blue update button, you are almost done. Close Internet Explorer now.
  • Now find Notepad++, right click at it and choose “Run as administrator”. Go to “File > Open” and paste this address in address bar and hit <Enter>:
  • Choose “hosts” file and click open.
  • At the bottom of the file that opens up, add this line:
  • Save and close this file.
  • Open up Internet Explorer again and now you are free to flash any Sky Vega phone in a mere 10-15 minutes. Just make sure you have the latest firmware file for that phone in your Abyss Web Server directory.

Most Important: Once you’ve edited the “hosts” file on your PC, you won’t be able to download the latest “download.inf” file or a new firmware file. Either use another PC for downloading both of those files or comment out the “” line in your “hosts” file so that it looks like this:


After commenting it in the beginning, download the latest “download.inf” and your desired firmware files and then remove the “#” comment and flash the firmware.

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  • Sohail Ahmed

    Your tutorial is a life savor. Thank you so much. I spent hours on flashing my Sky Vega A830L and I still could not do it if I would not have found your website. Keep up the great work bud!

  • Shahzad

    Very helping article. Brother i soft bricked my SKY Vega A770K during online upgrade now it is showing red S/W upgrading screen. I tried to room it again but nothing working. It is showing the screen as you can see in image. Please help me how can i restore my phone. Thanks in Advanced

    • Your best bet is to try Internet Explorer flash method. There isn’t any other method of getting out of this soft brick other than flashing it with the .binx firmware as mentioned in the guide above.

      If during the flash you are encountering an “Internet Explorer force close” error, probably you need to re-download the .binx firmware file. Corrupt downloads result in these types of errors and then the Sky Vega phones get stuck in a similar red emergency S/W mode.

      This might also be result of a faulty eMMC chip though. But you need to rule out software thing at first.

      Good Luck!

      • shahzad

        Thanks for your Answer. I tried Internet Explorer flash method many times but it does not complete. Please give me any more information.

        • Did you fix it by now?

          • Shahzad

            I have tried many times offline as well as online but nothing doing good. I think there is a faulty eMMC chip. Have you any idea about how to fix eMMC. If possible please give me your cell no so I can contact you.

          • Zahid Gill

            @Sikander3786:disqus please provide solution to this red screen s/w mode. I softbricked my sky a760s and my flashing stucks on 60% everytime I do it.

          • chameera

            same here, flashing stucks on 60% everytime.please help…

          • sami

            The same as me, my flashing everytime crashes at 28 %. I have a sky a810k. Did you find a solution

        • prince

          i have a solution of your problem bro

          • sakhi

            what the solution? thanks

          • Nadeem Ijaz

            tell me the solution Ali

          • sami

            What is this my bro?

        • Zar-Rar Muavia

          Assalamu Alekum I have same (S/w Red screen) problem could’t get out of it. Please help me i think my mobile is dead is it? i have sky vega A830L

        • sami

          Did you find a solution for finishing it?

      • Hamza Nasir

        I have Vega IM-A850S. last night I installed ROM 4.1.2 it was working fine. then update was available so I updated. when the update complete cell is not working.
        even when I attach it with pc with cable it start the welcome loop.
        when I press Power Button it shows welcome screen and then again restart till I eject battery.
        now if we talk about clockworkmod.

        PDL Download (if I go here if shows S/W Upgrading )
        Recovery (if I go on this side it will again go on welcome screen again and again loop )
        shut down

        Model Name: IM 850s
        Firm wer : S0216222

        Rooting Not ——————— Detected
        Kernal tempared ————– Tempered !!!
        OEM unlock ——————– Locked
        kernel tempered cnt ………… 1
        oem unlock cnt ……………….. 0

        I tried this link but no succeeded
        can you please help?

        • Hamza Nasir

          pls help.

          • peter

            @nasiru wich phone?

        • howard saluria

          using internet explorer’
          the method is hold power button and volume down’
          but I tried this method nothings happen and I also tried power ang volume down’
          what can I do?
          Please Help ;(

      • Linya

        I don’t see in the address bar in Internet Explorer, there is a small button for enabling/disabling “Compatibility View” Can u help me please :(

      • Sheikh Behzad Naeem

        i have same problem with my sky a760s red screen s/w upgrading. and internet explorer flash method stuck on 60% plz help

      • alee kaHn

        when i open camera on my sky 850s it says “unfortunately camera has stopped” front cam is working. please help. its on 4.4.2 now..

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        Brother i have sky a810
        i am trying to new rom by adb methood
        but when it is in recovery mode it can disconect from computer
        how can i conect or other methood????

      • emmanuel irolo agwu

        Hello. Am from nigeria I have a problem on my sky Vega 860l. My phone can’t no now it showing me system restart because of application operator error on my phone. What will I do to solve this problem. Thks

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      ive got the same problem..what should i do?thanks

    • Jani

      hi dear how can you fix this issue ? i am facing same problem i don’t know what to do please help, i have Sky vega A850K

    • Chí Kiệt

      hi! I come from…
      You need only up stock rom online

    • sami

      Did you find a solution? I have the same problem. When I flash my phone internet get closed at 28% of the flash.

      Thanks for your answer

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    nice topic very helping material thanxxxx alot bro

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    Thank you Very Very Much :) :) :)

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    Great tutorial Bro..(Y)

  • Tassawar

    Wonderful information, but i have a problem, i have a830K and when i install the rom as per the method mentioned above my phone restarts when i choose the “sky home” or “simple home” option on the main mene at first startup after the installation. kindly help me out. And one more thing, if you have Root_RC2.bat and recovery.bat file for a830K.

    • After flashing the firmware, you need to hard reset your phone by going to recovery and wiping all data and cache. Probably that would help.

      Regarding the root and recovery thing, you can easily find those two files at

      • Shanika Fernando

        hi please please please help…my phone is stuck on the logo screen no matter which rom i install

  • Ian Rabbit

    Very helpful article! Thank you very much! More power to you guys! I hope you can also post an article on how to fix SMS limit of Sky Vega phones. Thank you again!

  • Shahab

    i have done all rooted patch kernle but after custom i have no sim signal reception. i have done rooting all though previous thread tried other roms but signal problem remains there. i have used all the patches and kernels only sim reception is creating problem. what i did wrong?

    • salman

      did u solve this problem?

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    hi sikandar bhae your tutorial is very helpful for me but I am not getting the setting up Abbys web server. please guide me in simple way..

  • cool

    not geting stable how much time to w8

    • Zahid Gill

      It usually takes 10 to 30 minutes. have you connected in s/w mode? and did windows installed correct drivers when you first connected in s/w mode?

  • ziggu

    anyone to help sky vega a760s got a soft brick it cant turn on, i already upgrade it but still got the same problem how to fix this
    i can only got to sw upgrading

    • If flashing via this method doesn’t solve it, you probably have a bad eMMC.

      • ziggu

        thanks so how can I fix eMMc

  • ANA

    plz tell me how to install drivers? when i click the file name SkyUninstall it opens and then nothing happens…also when i open the self download page in IE and after few secs a pop up appears with a purple button stating usb driver and then few lines in korean…plz help

    • Disable all the add-ons and download manager extensions in IE. Let IE download the drivers itself.

      • ANA

        thanks a ton. it worked.but now the downloading i.e firmware upgrading has stopped….few purple bars did complete but then another bar progressed and stopped at almost 30%. now what should i do?

        • ANA

          i even gave it 30 mins but the same problem.
          a screenshot:

          also, i have clockworkmod installed and a rooted phone.
          what happened with me was that i was using my phone as perfectly as it should but i did a factory reset. After that the phone is stuck at “Touch the android to begin”. I touched it many times but no success.
          Plz help.I have been searching around internet from past two weeks…I have IM-A780l cdma phone.

          • ANA

            Problem solved!! Alhamdolillah!!
            I accidently shut off the server.
            All I can do is to pray for you. Thanks a lot.
            Just as a humble token, I will send 50-100 likes to your facebook page.

          • You are welcome bro.

          • ANA

            Any idea how to unlock IM-A780l, i mean i can not change the time. Korean standard time gets auto….
            Also, plz tell which built-in apps should be deleted without deletion of any other system app or its file?
            It happened with me before. I used NOBLOAT app and deleted some bloatware after which
            some system apps got deleted and force close notifications tend to occur frequently…

          • Can’t name all those Korean apps. Install Titanium backup and go through your Android menu picking up useless apps one by one, find them in Titanium backup and keep removing. Don’t remove any Korean app from Titanium which isn’t listed in the menu as that certainly is a system application.

            I haven’t heard of time issue with Sky A780L. Can you please explain?

          • ANA

            thanks for the reply…
            I think my phone is locked with the korean telecom provider…it also displays the phone number in the About Phone in settings…
            So, the clock time is still 4 hours ahead i.e korean standard time…I can not even change this time…

          • zohaib hassan

            salam… i have same problem with me… i recently tried mention procedure for my sky IM-A860L but when it is being upgrade then purple bar stops at 76% i wait for 1 hour… but bar did not move from 76%… it stuck at 76% when ever i try… what should i do? plzzz help me??

          • Shakeel Ahmed

            The Best Way Use Sky Vega Off-line Flasher, Copy here BINX File, in the sky_home directory double click index.html click blue button 100%

  • Dani

    How do I know if the S/W upgrading is finish?

  • Bruce Davro

    Are SKY vega phones a product of sky telecoms? I’ve never heard of Sky vega phone’s but by the sounds of them, they don’t sound too good! –


  • adibot25

    i have a problem it stuck on page au USB on button and a window apears sai usb drivers something like that

  • Nasir Baloch

    Internet Explorer doesnot show prompt to install an add-on from Sky Update
    what can I do for this all the procedure stopped there
    Kindly guide me….

  • Shah

    Great effort, thank u . Im facing a problem with the Self upgrade of Sky A850l, It ask permission for some Usb driver n then this dialogue box appears n then nothin happens even if it is connected for hours. Plz guide.

    • Bob

      Same problem here! Did you get a solution?

      • shah

        not yet…I’m expecting a reply from the great Khan.

      • hamza

        same problem here

    • Stuffidious

      have you opened the server??
      I mean double click the server you have installed…so that it may run….

      • Stuffidious

        Also, try uninstalling all the Sky usb drivers…restart…install them again…restart..and then check…

        If not..Disable all the add-ons and download manager extensions in IE. Let IE download the drivers itself.

        have you upgraded the IE version to the latest…?
        If still not tell…

        • Fnixs

          I need help!! I have exactly the same problem, I’ve done everything as said but the problem persists.


            ok. have you installed the drivers given in tutorial?
            I have few other sky usb drivers as well…let me check from where I download them





            replace dot with real dot..
            tell me if problem solves…



            these drivers may also help.
            and are you on windows 7 or above? I read somewhere on net that win7 will work.

          • Jay Nat

            I have the same problem with that..
            @stuffidious: how install this…http://www.mediafire(dot)com/download/6tsrcpui7z4b1bx/Drivers.rar

          • Jay Nat

            PLEASE HELP ..I already install the right usb driver and disable all the add-ons and download manager extensions in IE…. I reset internet explorer 8 …. I tried restarting pc… but still this happens

            IE 8 (32bit)
            Win 7 (64 bit)

            I’ve done this before when I upgrade ICS to JB in 64bit win7 OS… I don’t know what happened.. T_T

          • Jay Nat


    • Rahul Patel

      II too faced the same problem. On right hand side under windows XP click the second button down side as “Adminstrator” by default and click ok. It should solve the problem.

  • Abdullah

    How do you guys understand Korean language? Isn’t the self upgrade service and all in Korean? After the upgrade is your phone in English or Korean?


      There are both options…english and korean both.
      the android software installed is in english and korean both.. you can select any.

  • Zulqarnain Tahir

    I got SKY A830S
    got some issue with mode button that switch to normal and standard
    and some issue with Cam iRon
    when we on it it says some probelm camera Iron stoped
    kindly helpout

  • abay

    help, mine stuck at 9%. how to solve that?
    thanks anyway


      you have not opened the server…open will work.

      • abay

        how to open the server? i don’t get it
        mine stucked on red s/w upgrading

        • Sheikh Behzad Naeem

          my sky a760s also stuck on 60% and red screen s/w upgrading did u solve the problem?

  • Ahsan

    sir plz tell how to connenct sky a830 in S/w update mood?


      switch off phone. press power key + search key + volume up button all at the same time..
      no s/w mode opened still…try volume down key instead of up.
      It should now.

  • Ahsan

    Stuck at the end 90% what to do now?


      may be your downloaded file is corrupt…try again..or try downloading a fresh file once again without pause…and then try.

  • Imran Mahmood

    hello guys, how are you all??? i need your help, please guide me about my Phone Vega Iron A870L, i have purchased 1 week ago from a local market, i want to its original rom totally Korian withoout modification, i am not use to all techniques but please guide me how can i flash my phone through SD card or off line mood?? reply to it soon i will wait for your opinions.

  • Jay Nat

    thanks but can you give me the links of all drivers needed to install?

  • Shakeel

    Thanks for posting this tutorial but after spending whole week i declare it impossible for me to flash my phone through this tutorial all the steps went 100% normal but the step where i have to wait for button to be turned into clickable blue one is never showed after reading all the comments down below and trying every driver and removing/disabling all the addons and using XP and vita it always gives some additional windows for Usb drivers or someting and thats it and nothing happened ever after. two pcs about 6 different drivers and two windows and problem is same if any one know it real solution please post

  • Atari Kidd

    Hi, I have this Sky Vega No.5 IM-T100K and it’s always booting in CWM Recovery I tried to follow the steps here and even downloaded all the drivers for my unit but in internet explorer it seems it’s saying that I don’t have the driver for my phone as shown in the picture. I’ve been doing this method since monday and it seems it’s not working… I’m kinda lost and stressed in doing the same method over and over. Can you please help me with this? Tried manually installing the USB drivers, letting windows look for the drivers, installed the provided drivers here but still IE is looking for the devices driver. Thanks in advance

  • Hieu Luong

    i don’t see file .exe for install

  • Jay Nat


    • Jay Nat

      Restart IE explorer aftrer doing this. I used IE 8 32-bit.

      NOTE!!! do not add “” on trusted sites.

      • Jay Nat

        After restarting IE , an error appears. Just ignore that and go to “”

        Make sure you are in compatibility mode.

        Just close the error appears and if you ask to install add-on . Install it.

        • Jay Nat

          After that it says about usb error but don’t worry. Wait for 10-30 sec and another error/message appears saying “MESSAGE FOR PC” then korean text blah blah blah. Click “ok” then wait again until you can start s/w upgrading…

          It will download the file first 1-100%. Then it will auto install the downloaded file to your phone automatically 1-100%. After that your phone will auto reboot.


      • MM

        this has been excellent help…I have been missing to get the blue button back again the first installation and this is how I got it…thanks a bunch…cheers…

  • Gephraim Samson

    I reall dont know what to do. I’m stuck in this part for almost a day here

  • Kashif Butt

    can u tell how can i download 770 software 4.1.2 pls

  • Winston Churchil

    I tried but stuck after I edited host file. It still try to download USB driver which already has the first time

  • Fahad

    I’m facing this problem in my sky 810.When I open the camera and take a picture;after taking one picture message appears that:
    “Unfortunately camera has stopped working”.
    Then I exit the camera and again open the camera and can take a single picture and it continues…
    Please suggest the solution if u have got any at

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    How do you boot directly into S/W download mode? I know in samsung phones, you press home + volume down + power. But how do you do it in Vega R3 a850S? Thanks

  • M Qaiser Aijaz Khan

    I m qaiser aijaz
    bro i m go with your advice step by step and last i m very happy bcz i m success .
    you are best ALLAH give you best ajar ,
    thankx so much

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    while installing Rom ( Second Time bar going 1-100% ) , It Restarts set on 9% and Then stops at 9% ??

  • ezuhaib
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  • Tahir Magoon

    Sikander Bhai binx file ko zip Main Convert ka tareeqa bata Do .. I have a740s ,, Rom Bc Wifi nahi Chala Raha .. Stock Rom Kerna hay

  • Ayan Rajpoot

    Dear I have sky vega 850k how i can connect my cell to pc please help

  • ammar

    salam sir i followed ur tutorial for my sky a770k but after editing host file it all times gives me ie not responding and if i comment the address in the host file it works but doesnot flash my phone plxx help me out at this error

    • Ammar

      I have got to the blue button but when i click on it it detects my phone as sky vega a760s not sky vega a770k please let me know what is the problem

  • pam

    Hi. I get usb driver error after doing everything then nothing happens anymore. please help

  • MM

    Excellent tutorial and a great help no doubt…just a few things that I experienced while doing this and how to counter it…follow the tutorial till you reach the blue clickable is to install the USB driver that are automatically downloaded…if someone needs them give email address I’ll send because cant attach them here….then close IE and do IE settings (credit to Jay Net)…after the settings, restart IE, restart Abyss server and open…upon getting the blue button back again, click and it will install the software…good luck…

    • MM

      sorry I forgot to mention…after getting the blue button and closing the IE…do the “hosts” file setting through Notepad++, again as given in the main tutorial, then do the IE settings, restart IE, restart Abyss server and open the link…

  • bb

    SKY-IM-A780L how to root

    • Imran Malik

      Need download.inf” file Plz share here

  • The Easiest Way of updating your SKY Vega Mobiles is this:

    remember miui is known for best Android Platform providers and you guys would love it

  • Bilal Naeem AnXari

    I was also facing this problem. I installed this driver then my problem resolved. Download Driver from

  • Abid Khan


    I am stuck with current situation. Can any one help? Server is running but the blue progress bar has been stuck at the same point for hours. I have no idea what to do next. Setup the whole thing as per instructions but still stuck :-(

  • muzammil

    i am having issue on my sky 880s. i install latest drivers on my pc. i install stock 4.4.2 and then root it. i delete some system files but those were not compulsary to have. but when i plug my phone to pc it shows 880s is connected latest drivers are installed but in explorer nothing is shown. i cant access my phone files on my pc…
    then i tried diffrnt things but not succeeded. then i tried this procedure, when i plug my phone in software mode pc said no drivers found. but i installed it from given link… now dont know what to do. rom is still available. but i cant go to recovery niether connect it with pc.
    what to do any help here

    • ladyinred

      please help i spent almost a month with this
      it keep on stuck at this part
      i dont know what to do
      i tried different flasher
      still no luck

  • Zahid Gill

    You are right its cancel but its Chinese its Korean :)

  • Jerome

    IE crashes when I’m about to flash

    • sheenabear

      i’m having the same issue. heeeelp please :(

    • sheenabear

      If IE won’t crash, I’m stucked with USB and it’s taking forever to looooad :(

  • Amjad Gsm

    please helping me. Sir i soft bricked my SKY Vega A850l during online upgrade 9% restart and boot showing the A850s.. now it is showing red S/W upgrading screen. I tried to online and offline room it again but nothing working. It is showing the screen as you can see in image. Please help me how can i restore my phone. Thanks in Advanced

  • Ali

    Asalam O Alaikum bro help me plz m very upset due to my sky vega a860s i did some thing wrong with my set

    1st of all to fix the sms issue i used the a850l sms patch and also use the same model,s recovery file after that when i turned on my set after pantech sky vega logo set handgs on blank screen then i try the “clockworkmod” restore point to fix this issue it works nicely but set notifies me that new update available i try the new update from sky vega it approximately 181 mb after download my phone restart automatically after pantech sky vega logo my fone shows again blank screen i try again “clockworkmod” restore point but its not working now plz help me bro i sold my bike to buyr this set sorry for poor english

  • Arshad Mohammed

    Hi i have encounter a problem in my sky vega a770k .First my phone have soft brick and i update my phone through online method
    after that My phone is not getting on when switch on the phone and then i connect my phone through usb cable to the computer and the phone getting on the home screen apppear after 4 sec the phone suddenly get off.After that i reconnect it a green light appear and the message is “”The cable is connected” after 2 sec a red light appear and the message is “”charging needed to power on””so how can i sove this problem ..Hope you understand my problem

    • Xoco

      I have same problem here. How do you solve this?

    • Xoco

      My e-mail address is

      • Mark Jerome Mapa

        hey dude, did your already solved your problem in your sky vega? I’ve sent an email too.

  • Murtaza

    IE crash when I add this “” in host file. Please need help. I tried everything written here but no luck…if i comment out this line in host the blue circle keeps on revolving. Please help

  • Shayan Khalid

    You can actually downgrade the phones software by downloading the old Binx file and renaming it to the latest binx file. I have just tried it and it worked. I am now on 4.0.4 again. :)

  • zain mahmood

    Sir, im trying to update my sky vega 850L, but every time the self upgrade crashes internet explorer on usb. i’ve tried downloading .binx thrice time, and i’ve tried to use different system as well. but i couldn’t get any success. i tried internet explorer 12,11 and 10 . but no luck . can you please help me out . ASAP

  • Asad Mehmood

    I have sky vega A850L and i am using Etisalat network in UAE. My problem is that i want to use data package in my mobile but cannot find access point in the phone. i also contact etisalat they said my Sim card is working perfectly. I tried to find mobile network from setting to access point. but in my mobile there is no access point. I also the sign of Mobile data but can’t use Internet. I need help in this regard.

  • Hello Sir I am Using Pantech Vega A880S. My Phone is Not Booting Up Cause For I am Installing a ROM Via TWRP. After 30-40% Flash is Complete My Phone is Turned Off Now Its Not Booting Up. Please Help Me.

  • Sheikh Behzad Naeem

    hello my sky a760s soft bricked i installed wrong rom and i tried for offline flashing it stuck 60% i am unable to boot the phone in any other mode. Even putting on charging takes phone to this red s/w mode.

    plz help me I shall be very thankful.

    • Rahul Patel

      Hello did you solve the problem ?? If yes plz reply here or my facebook.

  • saby

    I have followed all the method nicely and stuck on waiting for UPDATE BUTTON to be a clickable but in vain. 0ne thing i guess i haven’t done according to this method is my cell phone screen is dark so i didn;t select the option any thing while i connected my cell to the computer. was it an important part??? Please someone help me.

  • Guest

    how about this problem sir? im stuck with this. I cant even go to the recovery menu. It says, “charging needed to power on”. it wont just turn on. please help. Thanks!

  • Mark Jerome Mapa

    how about this problem sir? im stuck with this. I cant even go to the recovery menu. It says, “charging needed to power on”. it wont just turn on. please help. Thanks!!

    • usman

      hello you need to charge your battery with an external charger and that’s it.

      • Mark Jerome Mapa

        a universal charger you mean sir?

      • Mark Jerome Mapa

        Thank you sir, Ill try it

  • Osama Nisar

    They Paused here PLEASE help me

  • Osama Nisar

    They Paused here PLEASE help me???

  • Osama Nisar

    Help please

  • Ismail Khan

    Hello sir .I have a sky A830k Mobile and i have a big Problam on this My sky a 839k can’t send a message and can’t show the 3g option in Mobile i am very sad with this problam. Please sir Help me Please what i do sir

  • Uxama Tariq

    my sky vega A850L is stuck and says s/w upgrading
    I don’t want to get into this stuff……..I gave it to a near by mobile repairing shop but he was not able to repair it…………………..anyone in Islamabad or Rawalpindi who can do it??

  • shadow

    give me the link to download uniusbdriver

  • ajmal


    i installed latest version of android and then after one blue hand screen came on the screen and then after no opening. plz help me

  • Muhammad Usman Saeed

    Dear Experts

    I have mobile of Sky VEGA 870

    i try to update its recovery to install kitkat

    i have formatted system, cache, etc as i am following a website to update.

    Now mobile is not working properly even it doesnt go into bootloader mode or flashboot mode

    just start showing blank screen and charging start my pc detect it as VEGA composite device kindly guide me.

  • alee kaHn

    when i open camera on my sky 850s it says “unfortunately camera has stopped” front cam is working. please help. its on 4.4.2 now…

  • ijlal

    plzz help me i rooted my sky vega800si modified its bootanimation and when i turned on my phone to see the animation phone turns on afer logo it shows black screen help what should i ddoo now ??

  • Muhammad Saddam

    sir ma ne self upgrade k zariye flash kar diya ab root b kar liya par jab mai custom room install karne k liye recovery boot karta tou waha update from zip file ka option nae araha plz koi solution bata de
    Sky A830K

  • martin muthoni

    my a850k lost the dictionary, keyboard and cannot play videos.. someone pleas help martinez

  • Mark

    I have vega a800s . my phone is on bootloop and I tried this tutorial
    there’s no compatibility enabler prompting. and I’m still waiting for
    the clickable button.
    please send me the answer . here’s my email.

  • could you tell me how to fix check out balance and remove korean application in sky 810k with android 4.1.2

  • asad ali

    i wanna upgrade my sky 810s mobile. help me . how its works ?


    IE9 closes at this moment!

  • Jhal Carlo

    i have a problem my phone stock on logo.. sky vega im a870l

    plss help me

    add me in facebook

  • amirbahalegharn

    Pantech a890
    red s/w
    drivers installed(vega modem usb detected when connected)
    stuck at this screen for 3-4 hours,restarting doesnt help
    IE 8
    abyss running
    do all ative x permision to allow and enabled in ie settings
    any suggestion or enlightment as how to do it?

    • Rana Faisal

      amir, did you got any solution yet?
      Im suffering from same problem.

  • amirbahalegharn

    this is the photo

  • Bluered

    I have sky Vega IM-A806L can I upgrade / flash with lollipop. Please suggest me suitable link or methods.

  • lander28

    hi im experiencing the same problem RED S/W update shows whenever i open my sky vega a760s please help me how to fix it.

    • Rahul Patel

      Hello did you solve it, if yes plz share the solution.

  • Zia

    I updraded the software of IM-T100K. The file was downloaded and after extracting process, it went into software upgrading mode. After an hour, it is still in that state. How can i roll back

  • Ahmed

    I have installed the drivers and want to perform just root. But my phone does not do anything. adb devices command does not show any device connected even though I r=get a beep whenever I connect the phone to PC…

  • Jawad Malik

    firmware file links not working sir!

  • Rana Faisal

    Dear, that small button for disabling/enabling is not appearing, im using window 7 with IE version 11, and my phone stuck on red screen s/w upgrading.
    need you help.
    IM A890L

  • Albert Morato
  • Albert Morato

    im stuck here….

  • salman9k

    the links are not working. please reupload

  • howard saluria

    I can’t go to S/W mode
    Power + volume up + volume down > nothing happen.

  • Asad Aman

    hi i am facing a problem with sky im a840sp its stuch on logo i try to reset but not sucess then i try to update with sky offline flasher not sucess

  • Bakhtiar Irfani

    Please Help! My 850s is Hard bricked and wont even turn on. how to recover? how to use J Tag?

  • ady

    Hi every one.
    i am connecting vega IM-A870K for self upgrade but it gives an error window . i dont know how to solve it. if any one here knows about it plz share.

  • Łunatic Řock

    help that button not turning blue :(

  • Regnum Regis

    how can i flash my sky vega a900l deadboot. will the intruction here will work on a deadboot sky vega..
    hope to answer fast i need your answer because my mom was angry at me. please save me people

  • Regnum Regis

    guys i need your help please

  • Khawar

    Links are not working. Please update.

  • Henry Carly and these are not working