How to: Root and Install Custom Recovery on Galaxy S4 – GT-I9500, E300S, E300K

Important: This guide is for GT-I9500, SHV-E300S and SHV-E300K only. For rooting GT-I9505, please refer here:

GT-I9500 is the international, octa-core version of Galaxy S4 while E300S and E300K are the Korean variants of octa-core Galaxy S4. For rooting and installing TWRP recovery on these three variants of Galaxy S4, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, download and install Samsung USB Drivers from the link below and install them if not already installed:
  2. We will be using TWRP custom recovery. You need to download the latest recovery .tar file from here:
  3. For flashing TWRP to your phone, you will need Odin3 which you can download from here:
  4. For rooting Galaxy S4, download and copy SuperSU zip to your phone’s internal storage which you can download from here:
  5. Extract the earlier downloaded Odin3 archive. Right click at ‘Odin3′ and choose ‘Run as administrator’.
  6. In Odin3, check the box for PDA and then click at the ‘PDA’ button there and browse to the TWRP .tar file you downloaded earlier as illustrated in the screenshot below:
  7. Power off your phone and put it into download mode by pressing ‘Volume Down’ + ‘Home’ + ‘Power’. On the confirmation screen, press ‘Volume Up’ key once for entering download mode’.
  8. Connect your phone to any USB port on your PC and let Windows install the necessary drivers. Once the drivers get installed successfully, the ‘ID:COM’ port will turn blue. Refer to the screenshot above.
  9. Make sure nothing else than ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F. Reset Time’ are enabled in Odin3. Refer to the screenshot above.
  10. Now click ‘Start’ button in Odin3.
  11. Odin3 will flash your phone and once finished, the phone will reboot automatically.
  12. Once on the Galaxy S4 logo screen, immediately pull out battery from your phone.
  13. Re-insert the battery and press and hold down ‘Volume Up’ + ‘Home’ + ‘Power’ key to enter recovery mode.
  14. In TWRP recovery, choose ‘Install’. Choose the SuperSU zip file you downloaded and copied to your phone’s internal storage earlier.
  15. Confirm the flash.
  16. Choose ‘Reboot System’.
  17. TWRP might present you with an option to ‘Disable stock recovery flash’. If you want to keep TWRP recovery, choose ‘Yes’. If you want to keep stock recovery, choose ‘No’.
  18. Congratulations, you’ve just rooted your Galaxy S4.

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  • arka guha

    Pls help me on s4 copy mt6572…….I was bricked my phone it is not booting up when i tried a custom rom on that device through mtk tools. now it is only a black screen and continue restarting.NOT EVEN START IN RECOVERY MODE JUST A BLACK SCREEN APPEARS AND RESTARTING IN A LOOP……….pls help me on this.

  • Magnus

    Same here. I have the same problem, my electricity quit in the rooting process ang now i hav the same problem like u Arka guha ://///