Sky Vega IM-A850 S/K/L Complete Guide – Upgrade, Root, Custom Recovery, Custom ROM

Sky Vega A850 is Sky’s 2012 flagship device. It is powered by 1.5 GHz quad-core Krait processor and 2 GB of RAM. This device features a 5.3″ Pro LCD screen with 720p resolution. Another notable feature is its 13 MP camera which is quite capable of taking great photos in almost all the situations.

Sky is a South Korean company focusing only the Korean market till now. This phone was released to 3 different carriers in South Korea and thus it came in the form of 3 different variant, A850S, A850K and A850L.


Just like all other Korean phones, this model also comes with the default Korean SMS limitation of 90 characters. Also, you would notice a lot of Korean, carrier-specific bloatware in the menu. For getting rid of all this, you will need to flash a custom ROM of your choice. Keep following the guide below.


As of date, this device is officially at Android 4.1.2. If you are running some older version of Android on your A850, you will need to update to the latest version and then proceed. You can either connect to WiFi and use the built-in software update utility or follow the guide linked below for upgrading your phone to the latest Android version:


Important: Skip this step if you want to flash a custom ROM. This won’t do any harm but it isn’t necessary in that case. If you only want to root your current ROM running on your Sky A850, follow the steps below:

  1. Download from here and copy it to your Phone’s internal storage:
  2. Download CWM recovery for A850 from here:
  3. If not already installed, download and install Sky USB drivers from here:
  4. Go to “Settings > Developer options” on your phone and enable “USB Debugging”.
  5. Connect your phone to any USB port on your PC
  6. Extract the earlier download and run “cwm_jb” batch file.
  7. Wait patiently, you phone will first reboot into Fastboot and then into CWM.
  8. Once you see CWM on your phone, choose the “install zip” option and choose “” you copied earlier to your phone’s internal storage. Confirm the flash on the next screen.
  9. Once is flashed successfully, simply reboot your phone. Congratulations, you are now rooted!

Custom ROM

You can find a huge collection of custom ROMs for Sky A850 over at VegaViet forums here:

If you want to find the best one that suits your needs, browser through different threads over there and choose your preferred one. VegaViet is a Vietnamese forum for smartphones. You’ll need to use Google Chrome for automatically translating Vietnamese to English using Google Translate.

For seeing the download links at VegaViet, you would need to register and login at VegaViet forums and post a reply to the ROM thread.

My personally preferred custom ROM for A850 is the Xperia Mod ROM by forums member hoangphonghd. You can find this ROM here:


For flashing the Xperia mod ROM to your phone, follow the steps below:

  1. Download Xperia Mod ROM from here:
  2. Choose and download your device specific patch from here:
  3. Choose and download your device specific kernel from the list below:
  4. Copy all the three downloaded zip files to your phone’s internal storage.
  5. Download CWM recovery for A850 from here:
  6. If not already installed, download and install Sky USB drivers from here:
  7. Go to “Settings > Developer options” on your phone and enable “USB Debugging”.
  8. Connect your phone to any USB port on your PC
  9. Extract the earlier download and run “cwm_jb” batch file.
  10. Wait patiently, you phone will first reboot into Fastboot and then into CWM.
  11. In recovery, choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and confirm.
  12. Now choose “Install zip” option and flash the Patch zip.
  13. Now flash the ROM zip.
  14. At last, flash the Kernel zip.
  15. Choose “Reboot” option.
  16. Congratulations, you have just flashed a custom ROM on your Sky Vega A850.
  17. Following the same steps mentioned above, you can flash any other ROM you want to. You can also see the ROM’s thread for flashing instructions.


If you encountered any errors during the process, or if your phone is stuck in a semi-bricked state, you can always revert to the official ROM by following our Sky Vega unbricking guide here:

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    [GUIDE] Upgrade your Vega A850L to Kit Kat (4.4.2)
  • shahab

    i followed all the steps but after instaling custom rom given here i m facing no service problem. my sim reception is ero on all netwroks.

    • Are you sure your SIM was working before conversion? If yes, flash back to stock and see if it fixes.

      • Muhammad Siddique

        Dear Sikander Hayat khan brother i have Sky Vega IM-A870L same sms issue here. I want to update to Lolipop and root it to English ROM plz stepwise guide me so that I may install it at Home. Thanks a lot for your support

      • Muhammad Siddique

        I will be very thankful to U for this help. Muhammad Siddique

      • Muhammad Siddique

        Dear Sikandar plz guide me k kia ap mere cell Sky vega no 06 mn English ROM update kr dain gay is mn sms 80 characters wala issue a raha hy plz reply thanks my cell no is 03226150321

      • Muhammad Siddique

        also plz provide me your mobilink cell no so that i can contact u i belong to multan city

      • Arslan Ali

        helo sir i have a problem

    • arslan hassan

      did you get what u want, ur problem?

      • Gohar

        Hello bro 860 ki room chang ho jati ha kia jo orignl ha us k alawa

  • COOL


    • Password is “nathai” without quotation marks.

      • cool

        thanks dude u r gr8

      • Il Signor Nomi

        Sikaner bhi i have vega 860 i want to change the rom pplzzz reply me can i have ur number.

        • fawad khan

          bhai how are you… i want to ask you about the vega 860. is this set is good…?? is there any chance of of faults in this mobile … i want to buy 860… i like the features of this mobile

      • Il Signor Nomi

        Broo its request do watch my text plzzzzz

  • gadgetmodder

    hi i am trying to install this rom on my A850L but its not booting uo splash screen comes and gone again and again what is problem plz reply

    • You need to hard reset your phone. For doing so, power off your phone and press and hold “Volume Up” + “Volume Down” + “Power” keys simultaneously. From the menu that appears, choose recovery. In recovery, choose “Wipe data/factory reset” and press the power key. Reboot and it should boot successfully this time.

      • Mian Ziauddin

        how much time it takes after fast boot screen show in mobile screen

      • Ramzan

        Sikander Sir,
        I have some problem with my Vega 850S. Every time when i switch Off and ON my set, Service signals come but cell phone blocks Ufone signals after about a half minute.
        And every time it become OK by performing factory reset and all my installed apps and data lost.
        Please help me to fix this problem.

      • Raja Kiramat Ullah

        Hi i am having Vega IM-A850s. I dont know how to take screenshot. Plz will u tell me?

      • Haider Mulk

        Asalam o allaikum
        Bhai sky890 sending message failed issue koi btay ga k kasay hoga plzzzz i m so cunfused

  • cool

    plzzzz can i get a video of it
    or any one can guide me
    what to do after
    step 11
    In recovery, choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and confirm.

    Now choose “Install zip” option and flash the Patch zip.

    how to do it

    • Do see CWM recovery on your phone? It should look like the image linked below. Everything else would be self explanatory then.

      • javed

        Can u Help me i have vega A850L and its not connecting on wifi plz help how can i solve this problm…?

        • Humayun

          PLease same issue here. any help?

      • Tabasum Zahra

        Hi i got sky vega 850s & A900L but failed to find option of conference call. There is no option to merge the call. Guide me plz. Thanks

  • KaMy Khan

    can you tell a method of doing it in skyvega a800s?

  • Hamza Jani

    mr, hayat, i am encountering text message problem
    now character limit of one sms is approx 145, , ut when characters exceeds 160, the message is not sent, it starts saying, message not sent , when servfice will be available then your message will be delivered
    i have flashed custom xperia z, the one you have mensioned

    • You can try different one’s from There are a lot of them out there. Look in the descriptions to find one with unlimited messaging characters support.

      • tayyab

        i downloaded v14 plus s1233225 but its a .rar file not a zip file. i make zip folder and copy that file in this folder.. but its not install… ????

        • akmal

          how I take screen shot of my sky mobile

      • yasir

        Dear sikander plz tell me how i can find 3g and 4g settings in sky vega 850

  • Anaya

    After Rooting Korean Apps Remove Or not, And Sms Issue Solved?

  • Oni Abdallah

    Hi !!
    First Thanks you for this post; i have an A850S since few one month and i couldn’t find any information to root and install custom ROM except VEGAVIET which it’s pretty impossible to understand the translation ( Viet to french )

    anyway i rooted my phone without problem, thks again.
    I wanna try the custom ROM you recommand but i have some question :

    Is it Stable for daily usage ( i guess yes )
    Is LTE Works ?

    If i decided to install the orginal firmware? is the Korean applications came again ?


    • Oni Abdallah

      no one?

    • Yes, obviously going back to original firmware means all the Korean apps etc.

      • Oni Abdallah


        what about the one you recommend? does it support LTE?

      • Malik Shoaib

        Hi Sir,

        I have A850S and A850L i installed S4 ROM in both A850L is working fine. but A850S have some problem. for example i cannot active mobile data usage. and ufone says it is not 3G supported set. but A850L is working fine for 3G and data usage both… please help me

  • Vichea Cheth

    Thank you so much, this work perfectly!

    • sarmad

      good sikandar bhai………!ALLAH bless you…

  • Ricky Athwal

    I followed all the steps, and i have the phone rooted and cwm philz recovery installed. I cannot seems to find a rom that would register the sim and connect to the network. Phone does not register to a network and i cannot make phone calls or receive message. Can you please suggest a ROM that would work in north india for vodaphone or airtel ? I live in the PUNJAB area of North India. Thank you ! My phone model is VEGA R3 A850S

    • First of all, I would recommend you to revert to the official firmware and see if you get the reception. Using one rom or the other shouldn’t make you lose or connect to the cellular network. For going back to stock rom, please see this guide:

      It is possible though that you phone is A850L or A850K and the rom currently install was meant for A850S. This usually causes reception problems on Sky Vega phones.

      Flash the stock rom, and in the meantime, let me know what model is printed in the back compartment under the battery.

      • Ricky Athwal

        Hi Sikander Bhai,

        First off, thanks so much for replying and the excellent info on this blog. It seems you are one of the few supporting this device and it is truly great. I checked the info you requested, and turns out that the model number printed on the white sticker behind the battery is IM-A850S. I am currently downloading the latest binx file according to the information provided by the Notepad++ software








        I hope that is the correct and latest binx file and the correct URL. The file is 1 gb in size so its taking a little while to finish downloading via IDM Manger. Bhai reading the last few inscructions on the page I am little confused about how to flash this file on my phone once I fully download it.

        What do i do after i downlaod the binx file ? How to flash the binx file to my phone ? DO i put the phone in S/W Download mode ? I am a little confused, please help….

        Thanks you again,


        • zohaib

          on my sky vega-850s i tried to update the software version using using wifi in vega station but i got an error” no orignal software” any body know exactly tell me the solution i want to update to android kitkat version mail me at

  • Guest

    cmd stucks on ””. what should i do?

    • Drivers issue. Please look under device manager if there are any unknown devices listed. If yes, make sure you’ve installed the Sky Vega drivers linked above in the post. If it doesn’t solve, please post a screenshot of device manager.

      • mian faraz

        AOA Sikander Bhai.
        Can you please guide me about buying which sky 850 L /K /S ?
        becuase i need EDGE enabled on my warid Sim, HALL ROAD Lahore guys say that its impossible to activate EDGE, but GPRS can be enabled… Can you guide me if its possible to enable EDGE instead of GPRS, Mian Faraz Lahore…

      • awais

        A.A bro plz tell me for sky a800s problem is masge not send any error is no sender number whats problem plz tell me how to solve this???

        • zohaib

          ap ney jo gmail id affiliate ki hoi hey us k saath apna cell no add kardein us sim ka joa aap use kar rahey hein
          go to
          contacts and add it in your im
          or when you want to send an sms type your no in sender,s name

  • Guest

    my cmd stucks on ‘. what should i do

  • Ali Malik

    my cmd stucks on ‘waiting for device’

    • Drivers issue, nothing else. Please look under device manager if there are any unknown devices listed there.

      BTW, did you install the Sky Vega drivers linked above in the post?

      • tayyab

        i hv already instal drivers that linked with post. in file manager android driver curupted plz tel me what should i do ?

        • ibang

          i tried several time with 3 pc. but still have same problem about stuck in fastboot mode. even i’ve installed usb driver already. any solution?

          • ibang

            it was device is rooted and using custom rom.. thanks

      • Saad

        Sikandar Bhai, i have Win7 running on my Laptop, i receive below msg while installing USB driver for IM-A850K.

        • ABDULLAH

          PLZ TELL ME

      • Nouman

        Sir mera wifi or bluetooth nahi chal rahaey sky a 850k ka plz koi hal bata day

    • foony

      can somebody upload
      A850K Kernel file, because it is not possible to download it. It started but thats all. can not download full file. thanks

  • ali malik

    Plzzz tell me how to unlock bootloader of sky vega 850L. Plzzzz

    • arslan hassan

      why you wanna unlock bootloader?

  • arslan hassan

    yeah this rom lOOoks goOood , but now i got unknown baseband and unknown imei. stock rom is also not getting the signals back??, i always goto pdl download from the boot options and do the stock latest but issues still the same.

    • Naveed Yousuf Patel

      I am facing the same issue, did u solve the problem, plz reply, my email id is

  • Muhammad Raza

    unable to send long sms

  • airpong

    Hi, this rom was amazing, but 1 problem was found, when you reboot the device every time, a scheme of data network setting will appear, I need to accept every time. It’s so annoying!!! please introduce how to solve this, thanks!

  • rizwan

    how to revert backup rom using cwm

  • Ali

    i successfully flashed the custom rom, but i am facing a network issue on this xperia rom.

  • Ali

    i successfully flashed custom rom that u mentioned above, but i m facing network problem, is there any patch of pakistani base-band ?

    • arslan hassan

      Whats are the issues you facing And did u chec ur imei. And what about baseband version. And what about yours email so that i can reply quickly

      • Naveed Yousuf Patel

        im also having same issue, plz advise, did u solve the problem, my email id is

      • Ali

        it is showing imei but there is no signals
        my email id is thanks alot for your reply bro :-)

        • arslan hassan

          i already sent you mail for ur issue

  • Nirvana

    Hello everyone!
    Id like to know the best performance rom for Sky A850. I flashed Xperia rom but im not much satisfied. Can anyone please share the most stable rom for this device. Thanks

  • rizwan

    I am Successfully install custom rom, Rom Name VEGAVIET V11 Pro

    FIX SMS 320KT
    … AND MORE

    • Muhammad Raza

      rom link please

      • Rixwan
        • Imran Tanveer

          Dear i am a newbie in this stock rom world.. can you please guide me on how to install this custom rom. as in this forum i have read (on top) that we need device patch & kernel) in order to install the custom rom, where do i get these files ?? or is there any other way of installing the rom you shared from within the stock rom. any software or any detailed forum where i can get the instructions. would be thankful for information you share..

    • ali hassan

      my sky 830 mbl data network not working when I active then error plz if enyone know this problem tell me plz fb account

    • Iftikhar 747

      Rizwan I’m also have IM A850k , and I’m facing the problem of invalid MMI CODE, can you help???

  • Rubban

    What is its battery life or timing??

    • arslan hassan

      battery life of this phone is better than samsung galaxy s3, i can be sure of that . and its 2600mAh battery. i already used galaxy s3 before purchasing this vega a850

      • erica

        hello all

        I have faced problem.I have included some application in internal memory but I can not find and can not install please help me .

        • arslan hassan

          whats the point of posting this pic miss erica, if you tell me this , may be i can show you many ways of searching a damn application in internal memory if you are not aware of any file manager in google playstore.

          • erica

            I have to download file manager software from play store in my phone.
            so I need mobile internet
            am I sure ?

      • Hashaam

        Bro i have sky A8300L.. i dont have his actual charger but when i charged it on any other chargers it takes time and now i am facing issue i connected with data cable it’s even not opening i tried with so many chargers but it doesnt working…just skyvega R3 screen is coming then turned off i have charged it for more than 6 hours but its even not open :(

  • Nauman Shafique

    Assalam o alaikum Sikander bhai
    first of all congrats for such a good and helping site
    i want to ask is there any way i can use edge instead of gprs on my sky 850??
    pls help me out.

    • Nauman Shafique

      anyone here??

    • No. The baseband doesn’t support Edge. You’ll need to live with GPRS until some carrier launches 3G in Pakistan.

      • hashaam

        Bro i have sky A8300L.. i dont have his actual charger but when i charged it on any other chargers it takes time and now i am facing issue i connected with data cable it’s even not opening i tried with so many chargers but it doesnt working…just skyvega R3 screen is coming then turned off i have charged it for more than 6 hours but its even not open :(

  • Nirvana

    Hello everyone!!! please share the download links of roms available for this device. Any help in this Regard is much appreciated : ]

  • Rixwan

    Hello guys i am Installing unofficially Cm 11 (Kitkat 4.4) On Sky Vega A850s, rom very stable and Awesome ,pure google, whatsapp unsupported device error solve, sms 1000kt, etc i hope u like it, any help please contact me, my email address

    • Nirvana

      can u share the link n procedure to install this rom?

    • iqbal

      share the link plz.. thnks :)

      • Rixwan

        visit my blog

        • Ed

          Oh u fuck face! U ugly shit, why cant you post it here. visit ma blog ka bacha!

        • Jay Nat

          Hi thanks to your post about custom rom but the problem is my IM-a850L has no signal(reception problem) so I flash it back to stock rom. The rom you gave was meant for IM-a850S not for L and K. I hope you’ll give us the right link for it…

        • zain

          which rom is this ? and in your blog there is no post regarding kitkat …..

  • Faisal

    i have restart my phone and play store is not working. I am using wifi net and it is working normally.

    • Rixwan

      just go to setting, app and find google play service open and force stop and clean data, same method for google play service

  • EricB

    Hi, i am from the Netherlands and i bought the Vega Secret Up IM-A900S LTE
    I wonder if there is already a custom rom available, anyone knows?
    Multi language would be nice….

    • Danial Ahmad

      visit this blog and download the xperia rom v3 it has multi language and quite stable

  • AlterEgo

    Hello Sikander,

    You have done some great work by having an english blog for this mobile. Otherwise most of the stuff found online was in korean or viatnamese.

    I want to ask the following since I have got a couple of devices and projects needing BLE 4.0 and NFC. The NFC app in the stock ROM is totally in korean and is not of much use.

    1. Is there is Samsung compatible touchwiz ROM for this mobile. Does everything works in any such ROM. I am mainly interested in knowing about NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0

    2. Even in Xperia ROM does NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 works.

    Thanks for your replies.

  • Mohammad Mehrabul Ferdous

    Sikander Hayat Khan,

    As-Salamu-Alaicum. Thanks for a very helpful blog. I followed your given steps to root my IM-A850L original rom. Now I want to fix two issues.
    1) USB or Wifi tethering is not sharing internet but I can connect my PC to android device.
    2) I want to increase SMS length from 80 to 160 char.

    Please help me.

  • mohsin

    I have sky vega R3 IM -A850.its givong a problem.i am receveing msgs but sending fail.error is msg center can i resolve this problem?

    • mishi

      i also have the same problem i can write only 80 words in msg :(

      • Rixwan

        Flash Custom rom

  • society


    I hope somebody can help me…

    I live in Europe and I have the Vega iron A870s and this 4G phone is not
    supported by my provider. My provider KPN telecom has a 900 MHz LTE
    frequency and soon also the 1800 LTE frequency.

    So my phone don’t work on 4G

    What I need is the A870K version because this one supports the 900 LTE frequency.

    My question: is it possible to custom root the Vega iron A870s phone
    with Vega iron A870K software? I already the phone with this rom:
    V1.0 SKL

    Hope someone can give me a answer

    Thanks in advance!

  • Saad

    Sikandar Bhai, i have Win7 running on my Laptop, i receive below msg while installing USB driver for IM-A850K.

    • Rixwan

      I thing Ur Install wrong Driver

  • abdul kodim

    can you re-upload cwm recovery for a850..

  • asad

    i m buy the sky mobile but its not connect with wifi ..??? anyone have solution…

  • Anas Muhammad

    hey i wanted to know how can i increase the length of text on my vega 850L.. it gives me 80 bytes but as of now i have rooted my phone… and one more thing i did all the steps i just wanted to know how can i know that my phone is rooted i mean whats the difference betwenn a normal one and rooted one… pls reply thanks

  • my pantch 850 L is stuck on sw upgrading screen. what should i do ? when i turn it on, it automatically goes into sw upgrading mode. what should i do ? its just stuck there.

  • jawad Nizamani

    it starts and in less then 1 min first line completes ( of downloading )
    When it comes in installing , when it reaches 9% , Set restarts and its stuck at 9% ???
    Kindly Any one Guide Me Please

    • Chí Kiệt

      You can visit forum or and post a topic “helps”

  • Junaid

    Mr, Sikandar i dropped my phone accidently.It was working fine at he time but as i power it off for charging.I cant get it on.When i press the power button it shows VEGA BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE SKY but after that just a black screen,the phone is on but i cant get ahead.Please tell me what might be the problem and how i can solve it.Does it need repairing.

    • hashaam

      same issue with me bro

  • Imran Baloch

    as salaam o alaikum sikandar bhai…i recently have bought vega 850L, now the issue is that though i have installed go sms pro and also tried hangouts, but still unable to send any sms containing more than 80 characters. i contacted the go sms team but they were also unable to solve the issue. second issue is connecting with pc through mobogenie r moborobo..both keep saying to turn on usb debugging, while it already is on. can u kindly help me with these matters?

  • Abdullah Akhter

    I Have Installed The Room Without Any Problem.
    But My Camera Is Showing Only 8 Megapixel and Showing No Option of 13 Megapixel
    Also Video Recording Maximum Size Is 720 HD
    No More Option Of Full HD Recording
    Calender Is Showing In Some Other Language Which I Can’t Find The Way To Change It To English
    Also Battery Is Draining Fast and Getting More Heated Then Before

    • Rixwan

      which custom rom ur using?

  • Mohsin Bashir

    Skindar Hayat Khan Sb, how can i contact you?
    I am also from rawalpindi,
    maybe i can learn from you,

  • Ali

    salam sikander khan my mobile update downloading is slow

  • Ali

    Sir can You upload the procedure to install custom rom on ksy vega im770k. I searched but did,t find any good solution like this. Plz help

  • dani

    salam ur tutorial is awesome done every thing excellent now just if u can give me link to a good rom bcz this has sms prob plz suggest it to us thanks

  • dani

    and when ever i download any rom they say press like so what do i like yar plz tel demagh kha gai ksm sy :D

  • Pak Samuel

    Hello bro…i want to know how to upgrade phone, root, customroom…but don’t know about it at all…do u have some video for show….bro!!! Thanks….

  • Kay K

    Any one plz tell me proper steps for returning orignal sTock rom for vega 850K
    I am Using custom rom 4.1.2
    but I wanna use its orignal rom
    Today I saw one vega 850K with 4.2.2

  • zeeshan

    dear sikander i have a prob with sms characters its only 80 words not even 160 if i exceed then it changes to mms and then it shows sending fail what should i do??? :-(

    • Chí Kiệt

      You need up custom ROM.. detail: or (WEBSITE Vietnam, you should use google chrome and translate it)..

  • Chí Kiệt

    Hello all People!! I come from

    • Danial

      how to download rom it says press like to able to see it plz tell the tutorial how to dwonload from the site ?

    • Danial Ahmad

      how to download roms fom that website because i tried alot but cant plz help ?

  • Lone

    Recently I encountered screen glitch, it’s not happen all the time and I am quite sure it’s not caused by the hardware. I have uploaded the video and hope someone can provide the solution. I have tried to wipe everything (/system, / data), install the custom ROM, reinstall the stock ROM online from Pantech website, But the screen glitch still here.

  • Śúmŕőź Bálőćh

    how to fix sms issue ???

    • Rixwan

      which sky version use ?

  • shah

    A800s sky not displaying sms sender name… :(

  • shah

    A800s sky not displaying sms sender name…

  • mujtaba

    please suggest rom running 4.4 kit kat please

  • Ghufran

    rom is good but why camera is showing only 8 mp ! :(

  • Mian Ziauddin

    after fastboot appear its tooks to long is it ok

  • aqeelkidwai

    Hi, this is a great site I found. I am getting “Invalid MMI Code” error. Kindly let me what steps should I follow?

    Thank you for your support.

  • Muhammad Syed Ali Shah

    I have a Sky Cell Phone Model IM-A820L after upgrading to the S/W 4.1.2 version it often loses cellular network signals. The signal bars often have a circular cross which indicates the no service notification instead of the cellular network company name such as Telenor or Ufone. When the service is blocked no IMEI No and no Baseband version is shown. Though occasionally the service or the signals turns on for a time but then again the service is lost without any vivid reason. The other functions ant Internet facility works as normal. Would you please describe a possible solution how to restore and stable the phone service.
    The following Image is attached to show the signal blockage circular symbol at the signal bars

  • Ati Malik

    hi…i have sky a 800…i have problem that it restart again and again…like when i use screen goes diiiimmmm..and it restarts…again and again..untill i plugin power cable.. plz help what should i do.. i have bought brand new orignal bettery..but nothing changes… plez help..

    • Bilal Naeem AnXari

      I am also facing same problem. Only Zong sim working fine with me. I don`t know Why is it happening. When i insert other network sim such like ufone, telenor, jazz, it starts giving this problem

  • sardar kashif khan

    mere usb drivers ni utha rha sky vega 850……………
    kya karun?????????

  • Aqeel

    Hello all,
    I think I may have forgotten to enter the country code when setting up the first time. Whenever I dial a mobile number starting from 03????, it adds up 84 before the number, and certainly call is not made then.
    How can I set this up, I am in Pakistan. Can anyone help me with that please? I have Sky IM-830L

  • Aqeel

    AOA, Mr. Sikander,
    Kindly reply to my query, I will be grateful to you. I am Islamabad, and would to meet with you so that I can show you the exact problem. Please contact me at if you do not mind.

  • Aqeel

    Assalam o Alaikum Mr. Sikander H. Khan
    I was getting an error “Invalid MMI code”, whenever I typed the special characters (such as * or # etc), the software shop person did something, (flash the ROM or whatever), the problem was solved
    Now, whenever I dial a mobile number starting from 03????, it adds up 84 (code of Vietnam) before the number, and certainly call is not made then. I had to replace all the Zero’s to +92, and it work. Can you help me with that please? I have Sky IM-830K (that is what it shows when plugged in with the computer, connected via Blue Tooth), software shop person told me that the actual model is IM-830L.

  • Aqeel

    Assalam o Alaikum Mr. Sikander H. Khan
    Whenever I typed the special characters (such as * or # etc), I was getting an error “Invalid MMI code” the software shop person did something, (flash the ROM or whatever), the problem was solved

    Now, whenever I dial a mobile number starting from 03????, it adds up 84 (code of Vietnam) before the number, and certainly call is not made then. I had to replace all the Zero’s to +92, and it work. Can you help me with that please? I have Sky IM-830K (that is what it shows when plugged in with the computer, connected via Blue Tooth), software shop person told me that the actual model is IM-830L.

  • Guest

    AOA, Mr. Sikander,
    Kindly reply to my query, I will be grateful to you. I am in Islamabad, and would like to meet with you so that I can show you the exact problem. Please contact me (if you can) at if you do not mind.

  • Mian Ziauddin

    it work. thanks i like this new rom functions.

  • Malik Shoaib

    Hi Dear, I cannot connect my sky 850 to the computer because it gives error about MPT installation… where can i get it? please help me

  • drei

    help,how can i restore my samsung gt i9500,i just flashed a custom rom without backing up and it failed to flash

  • MukarrumKhatri

    sir i want to ask the xperia rom you install hows the battery time?

  • Bilal Naeem AnXari

    I have Sky A800S. I have problem that it works fine with Zong. But whenever i insert Other (Ufone, Telenor, Jazz) sims then it restarts again and again after 60% battery. I have stock unrooted rom. Please tell me its solution. Thanks in anticipation

  • M Irfan Butt

    I have Sky A770K .After upgrading its S/W by skystation, it was stuck in CWM. After some tries it came back on its previous version.When I try to S/W Upgrade by skystation, It is showing <No Registered S/W.I have original ROM 4.0.4 in my phone.

  • sono

    hello sir please help me i have a problem in rooting
    when i start root file my cell im-a850k go in fast boot mode and still stay here.
    i m waiting 1 hour.
    please help me

  • Jib Kyazze

    My sky vega A850 doesnt show contacts

  • esref celik celik

    hello good fellas. i have also 850s, i succeeded to install this rom, but my gps does not work offline. before i had 850l, and it worked perfectly with me. i need gps very much. so do you have any idea? is it hardware or software issue? thanks friends…

  • Çräzý Fâzzý

    Can I put any country sim if I flash my phne. .???
    Pls repy

  • Aamir

    After Complete the process , No network signals …wifi working . cam or all other functions working properly but no network . on IM-A850k , please help

  • Aamir

    i try to install offline self upgrade to restore it stok rom but a850k on S/w Upgrade logo now,,, wat to do ?

  • Ali

    slam can i re install the old software

  • Sami

    Assalam alaikum dear…. how to connect to 3g on my sky vega 850s….

  • Shah Zaman

    would you please guide me for vega iron a870L….i want a custom rom for it. ur help will be very helpful for me .

  • earj raja

    Dear sir how can i make my vega a850l 3g phone.

  • waqas

    Hi Sir.. i have 810K.. i want to change its rom.. but it not going in recovery mod.. i have tried some ways but it still show nothing.. from FASTBOOT i am trying to go in recovery mod Via PC FASTBOOT.exe but it show nothing and stuck…
    plz help me

  • Sohail

    Hi insetred mobilink jazz sim at the shop i purchased phone it was working there but as i reach my home it give no service but when i put telenor sim it is working, Kindly help

  • trilok

    massage not send any solution

  • Aamir

    i want to sale this mobile Rs 15000 (0300-5151875) islamabad and Rwp only

  • haris

    the kernel link is not working kindly help

  • haris

    can someone upload a correct file link of 850k kernel????

  • Nazar Hussain

    Thanks Sikandar for such a nice article.

    I tried this process, every thing works well.

    The only issue I can see right now is, my camera is restricted to 8MP whereas actual device camera is 13MP. How should we fix it?

  • fareed

    bhau mgs 160 bite ka hi ha

  • Hey, thank you so much for the link. I couldn’t found it for days. Good luck

  • sulaman

    plz tell me how should i get back my vedeos which i delete from my galary i have vega 850

  • Hasan Raza

    Sir, could you please post a guide for the Sky Vega 6 (IM A860S)?

  • Talha

    Need download link kitkat 4.4.4 for sky a850K? i tired to find help me ? good rom plz

  • Hasan Raza

    Sir can you please post a guide like this of IM A860.

  • Mahmood Shahid

    I,ve purchased Sky Vega IM-850L from local market but its already rooted and custom ROM installed. Can you please tell me how to revert to stock ROM?

  • Hanif Khan

    Hi there.. Can anyone plz tell me why my sky 850k cannot hookup to my laptop via usb data cable.. thanks

  • rider

    my sky vega im a850k was rooted using the superSu but my problem was the mobile data cannot be turned on. the option is not highligted anymore.pls. help

  • naumam

    How to unroot my sky r3

  • vicky

    yar mene os delet kar diya .. ab?

  • waleed

    hello sir sikender . i am using 850 and using jazz and warid network . but i cant sent sms from jazz as well as warid… can you help me??????

  • syedtalha

    please help me my sky star button is broken how i start my phone withut button

  • inziarshad

    sir i am having a problem,my messages are not sent from sky vega 850 calls are coming and going but sms are just coming

  • samad.

    I hav few problems regarding sky vega 850l 1.I m unable to save my contacts if i save as 03… then call comes with the saved name but msg comes with private num and if i save with +923… then viceversa. 2.i m unable to take screenshot on it 3. Whenever i dail *124# *707# etc it says its invalid. Plz help

  • crwnclwn

    I’ve got 8mp back camera its suppose to be 13mp right?

  • Universe Molina

    After updating my phone, I can’t connect to wifi anymore. Please help… :-(

  • Dan

    can you please upload a video on to youtube and show us how you install the recomended ROM on to a Sky A850?

  • Aamir

    how to increase sms limit

    • Sam

      well 1st you need to root your phone. or try installing go sms pro you can download it for free using playstore.. :)

  • Sam sese

    is there a way to turn off the light sensor?im using vega IM A850k using xperia rom. thanks :)

  • arch09

    custom rom download link is giving error…. it does not download successfully… plz give suggestion

  • Than Rithy

    how to download device specific kernel from
    A850K Kerne?

  • Than Rithy
  • Jamal

    i want to Root Im-A830L
    any link like Below ?

  • Ṥÿed Tahṡeeṉ Haṡsaṉ

    can any one help about installation cwm in sky 800s…??

    • Bilal Naeem AnXari

      Which rom version u r using?

  • Sami Iqbal

    Dear I have the sky vega im a870 with its official rom jelly beans 4.1.2 and i have 80 characters sms limitation please tell me how to remove this limitation.
    Kind Regards
    Sami Iqbal

  • Asim Mehmood

    help plz wats the battery timing on vega 850 ? i thnk i m having battery issues .. thanks in advance

  • Khanddorj

    when i installing rom (step 9) it showed that status 7 and i rebooted my phone now my phone is not working

  • ijaz

    the message icon in my vega mobile is deleted, anybody have some clue?

  • Ahmad Raz

    Salam Sir,
    I have problem with confrence call. When I go to Merge the Calls It says that,,” Unable to transfer the Call” How I can fix this Issue ????????? plz help

  • Than Rithy

    i want to download A850S Kernel but it need code ?

  • Ne Laam

    is pr 3g,4g chalta hai ?

    • awais


  • awais

    i have sky A850 , back butn is nt working properly. touch is ok, after repair mode not fix it too, pls tell me sloution.

  • The tutorial is great but I would like to request you to post a tutorial about fixing the 80 character sms problem in Pantech Sky Vega 870L after rooted. I bought this model yesterday and I have successfully rooted it with towelroot on kitkat but after researching for over 3 hrs I couldn’t find a fix for sms 80 character. I don’t want to change the rom as I like the default one.

  • zaid

    Can any one guied me that how i can do confrence call (3 way call ) in sky vege 870s?

  • ajmal zaib

    aoa sikandar bhai
    i requestd u android system up grade kia tha up gradation k baad 1 new screen aai he blue colour ki with hand and niche likha he k swipe down the top of the screen. but after it no swiping sown.
    plz reply

  • ajmal

    sikandar bhai i need ur cell no
    plz help me regarding cell.
    model no vega a850s

  • ayaz

    assalam o alikum.. dear i have sky vega 850,but it is restarting continuously, i didnt find a way to fix it… kinldy tell me what would i do?

  • ayaz

    if any one lnow about this problem then mail me.. i ‘ll very thankful to u

  • Engr Farooq Yousafzai

    sir sikhan hayat khan i want to know that antena purpose in in sky wega 850

  • Zëëshän Ïrfän

    Dear sikander i have a problem in my mobile 850. My phone data connenction is not work plzzzz help me

  • martin muthoni

    kindly assist, am not able to type on my a850k vega phone as the keypad is missing. how do i instal it. my also has no dictionary and cant download one.. it also cant play videos… pls assist

  • Haseeb Alam

    bro ur xperia mod link is not working once it download 800mb it say network intrepted error … plzzz send me a stable rom plzzzz

  • Tariq

    I am using sky vega 850 and its mobile data not working…. Sim is on but mobile Internet not working… I don’t know why can any body tell me on my Mail address… Mail is thanks in advance

  • Ahsan Mustafa

    i’m really confused here, i have never done such things..
    i have sky 850, want to update its android version to latest.. how will it be possible?
    please help me out…

  • Nasik

    Hello , Sir I followed the steps but it gets stuck on deamon started successfully and nothing happens afterwards…what to do??

  • Nasik

    its stuck on deamon started successfully…….what to do??

  • anna

    my phone is skyv vega IM-810K, and my problem is i can’t send messages, but i can receive messages. please help me

  • anna

    my phone is sky vega IM-810K, i can receive messages but i can’t send messages. please help me

  • Bakhtiar Irfani

    Salam bhai.Can you please send me the screen shots of this Xperia rom?And is there any lollipop stable rom for A850?Thank you :)

  • Bakhtiar Irfani

    Does this Xperia Rom require Gapps?

  • Bakhtiar Irfani

    Help please.I am flashing the Xperia Rom but during flashing it shows “Please Wait” and it is still showing since from half there any problem?

  • Bakhtiar Irfani

    I have flashed it but i am having i am restoring the stock rom but it has stuck on restoring data.please help me.what should i do?

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  • GooUser

    will this work even though i have a Android version 4.4.2?? Im using IM A850S

  • Waseem Khalid

    I have vega im a850k smart phone. Unfortunately, its touch is not working. What can i do? Is the touch available in pakistan? Please tell me if anybody knows.

  • jao batua

    Hi and good day sir. hope you can help me with my vega secret up im-a900s it keep on restarting sometimes. I already did the hardreset thing a few times and still keep on restarting sometimes. thanks for the reply and god bless you sir… :)

  • Syéd Hámid Hássán Háshmì

    I have already rooted my PanTech Sky Vega R3 IM-A850L. before rooting, I got an official update from SKY server and upgraded my android version to 4.4.2. now I want to install a custom ROM. after update, in settings, there is no option of USB debugging. I checked all settings. tried all different settings. but there is no option to enable USB debugging. can you please help me with this. thank you. and good work.

    • Amna

      can i help u

  • Robert

    I want to buy a photo case for the
    Android IM-A850S and the IM-A910S.
    If I buy a case for the
    Samsung Galaxy 3 &
    the Samsung Galaxy 4, will they fit exactly?
    Thank you,

  • Corey Francis

    My set keeps restarting on when battery is 70% or 50% i have changed the battery too but problem still occurs. a pop up comes which says the device is rooted and after some time it restarts. need help immediately.

  • kashif

    Dear How can i connect my Sky 870 with Pc. it is connected for only charging but do not show the internal or external memory, kindly guide

  • Muhammad Siddique

    Dear Sikandar bhai plz guide me in explained way I may do it from my Home thanks a alot

  • salman

    i have a problem with my sky a800s, it requires sender number while sending sms.

    plz guide me….

  • Syed bukhari

    Where did sky vage 850 audio save form what’s app I can’t found it

  • Syed bukhari

    How send long sms in in sky vage 850 above 80 bytes

  • ramiz

    will this method and and the bat file work on Sky vega

  • Ali Hamza

    I have Vega R3 with Android 4.4.2 when i make a call phone display turns off and not tuning on even i press the power key. help me please.

  • Faheem Butt

    I have some problem with my VEGA 850K loudspeaker is stop working main speaker is working headphone is working but suddenly loudspeaker stop working can any one tell me what is going wrong . already installed new rom but result remain same .

  • Abuzar

    sikander bhai,
    sky vega a850L,iskay buttons par touch nai ho raa plz help,
    phelay b ak bar asa hova tha #4648# men ja kar repaire mood karnay say thk o gaya tha par ab nai ho raha

    • Aqib Chuhan

      Repear karny ka tarika mujhy bhi btaen plz

  • Tabasum Zahra

    Hi guys
    i got sky vega 850s & A900L but failed to find option of conference call. There is no option to merge the call. Can anybody Guide me plz. Thanks

  • yasir butt

    plz tell me how i can connect my skya870 iron with pc plz tell me any body

  • yasir butt

    plz tell me how i can connect my skya870 iron with pc plz tell me any body plz tell me way in sms on my mobile 03424483632

  • Aqib Chuhan

    Yar mera sky vega a850l k tuch ki nichy wali line jis sy back home hota hy wo khud ba khud kam karna chord gaya hy. Plz btaen kesy theek hoga plz plz btaen

    • Aqib Chuhan

      Repaire mod me jany k bad agy kia karna hota hy plz btaen??

    • Ahsan

      1st enter code *4648#
      then got to option after that select Touch Self Test ….it may work fine

  • A ji

    Yar internet settings nae ho rhi mary sky a870l ma koi help kf skta ha

  • Iftikhar 747

    Dear friend slaam to all. Now I wanna going to discuss my problem that is, I have Im A850k phone and in this phone I’m facing many problems like signal i.e attemptying register! And most huge problem is connection problem or invalid MMI Code. Please help me, if any one can! I’ll be thanks full, best regard ,

  • Farrukh

    the password for downloading base bands (password: nathai)

  • Mekong River

    How can i Buy Battery of VEGA IM-850 S/K

  • Mekong River

    it’s how much ?
    now me live Cambodia.
    your company can send it to me and purchase next time or how?

  • Saqib Ali

    Salam and hello to All Respected users,
    I have Sky Vega A860-L. I have been using Ufone 3g on this phone from last six months which works great. I have recently bought Zong Sim to use 4G on this phone and I tried all to get the error fixed but all in vain. Error is given as ” Invalid Sim Card”. I have checked this sim by inserting in all other phones and it works fine. Is there any way to fix this issue. All other sims are working in phone except Zong. Any help would be appreciated. I can provide all necessary information for troubleshooting purpose. anxiously waiting for a response.

    Thanks and best Regards.

  • aung paing win

    hi please lenovo A850 how do you root

  • Meerab Malik

    Hey how i can root my sky vega 47XVN

  • batka

    I have problem.
    I’m trying stock ROM Vega IM-A850K But cmd says


    bhai meray pass sky a800s hy us ka sim issu agaya hy orignal rom per ok tha per phalay miui ka kiya us may be sim issu tha per bilal naeem ka kiya us may be a raha hy or cell kahe dafa resatart ho jata hy error ki waja say

  • Arslan Ali

    helo is there have any one

  • zarif simab

    vega a850l rom plz

  • Hasan Ayub

    I have SKY VEGA 850S. It is strucked at some Korean language interface and asks for the password. But no keypad is available there to type. And after some time from that interface it keep restarting. Some of the vendors say that its dead now. And according to them the only solution is to replace the board of the cell. What should i do?

  • Prasanna

    My phone is sky im a850k i followed all the steps but befo completing instaling my phone swich off and do not power on i press hard rest button but it is do not power on its canecting pc after its not detect mobile phone device it is other device i think my phone death. How to death boot my phone

  • youcef

    please i need help i have Sky Vega 4GLTE I have issue bottom screen touch not working. what i can do to solve this problem

  • Shehroz

    Bro please tell me I have problem that in my A850L there’s no USB developer mode option. So how can I get back ??

  • Abdul Salam Butt

    Frnd i use sky vega A850 is ma sms ka issue a rha hai is ma mobilink ke sim sa sms send ni ho ra plz help me…..

  • Haider ali

    Bhai may nay apna mobile reset keya hay or ab on krta hu to display may sky vega just or kush nae aata what the hell tell me please

  • Amna

    plz koi meri mada kar skta ha main ne vega im a850 me vega im 860 ki rom kar di ha ab display ni show ho raha ha phone on hota ha but display ni ati ha ab main kese is me vega im a850 ki rom kro pla tell me

  • Amna

    haider ali apna no do main ap ko tareka btata ho

  • Mary jubileene

    what if the problem is, the settings wont open ? how is that ?

  • shakeel arif

    dear sir mara mobile pc ka sath usb cont nahi ho raha 03404264243

  • ahmad

    I have a prob with my mob. Its lower navationbar tuch is not working and moveable navation bar is working what i do??

  • Gohar

    Hello bro 860 ki room chang ho jati ha kia jo orignl ha us k alawa ur koi update android pa

  • Kamran Mughal

    aoa..bhai jan kese hen ap…?bhai mere pas sky a870s mobile hai sir us men whatsapp pe call karen to speaker men boht zyada shoor hona shuro hojata ko restart karna parta hai uska android v4.4.2 kitkat hai iska koi hal hai to muje btayen men yehi official rom use krna chahta hun thanx bhai jan agar ap jaldi reply kr den to mehrbani hogi..humesha khush rahen ap ameen..