How to: Root and Install Custom Recovery on Galaxy S4 – GT-I9500, E300S, E300K

Important: This guide is for GT-I9500, SHV-E300S and SHV-E300K only. For rooting GT-I9505, please refer here:

GT-I9500 is the international, octa-core version of Galaxy S4 while E300S and E300K are the Korean variants of octa-core Galaxy S4. For rooting and installing TWRP recovery on these three variants of Galaxy S4, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, download and install Samsung USB Drivers from the link below and install them if not already installed:
  2. We will be using TWRP custom recovery. You need to download the latest recovery .tar file from here:
  3. For flashing TWRP to your phone, you will need Odin3 which you can … Read more »

Cheat: Get immediate lives in Candy Crush Saga – Android, iOS

Candy Crush Saga was initially a Facebook only game which was later launched for smartphones in November 2012. It is a very popular and highly addictive game with 46 million average monthly users. It has already surpassed FarmVille 2 which was previously the most popular Facebook game.


As you probably already know, Candy Crush Saga gameplay depends a lot on Facebook. Once you connect Candy Crush Saga to your Facebook account, your progress and scores are automatically shared with your friends. Most importantly, you can request your friends to send you lives whenever you are stuck. If none of your friends sends you a life, you have to wait for 30 minutes for playing again.

As a workaround, for having … Read more »

How to: Convert F180 S/K/L to E975 – LG Optimus G

F180 S/K/L is the Korean version of E975, LG Optimus G. Both of these models have got exactly the same hardware except that F180 also supports LTE. F180’s original official firmware is great for use in Korea but for those who are using F180 in other parts of the world, and for those who aren’t Korean, it can be a pain to use F180 with official Korean firmware at times.


Just like all other Korean phones, SMS is limited to 90 characters and you will not be able to send larger texts than that. Also, there is a lot of carrier specific bloatware in the official firmware. The default dialer is also a bit unpleasant to the eyes as it … Read more »

How to: Flash big KDZ files – LG Optimus G, GK, G Pro, G2 and Others

For flashing low-end LG phones, you can use KDZ Updater for flashing KDZ files as described in our previous post here. But while trying to flash high-end quad-core LG phones with KDZ Updater, you will be stuck at “extract file error” while KDZ Updater tries to extract the necessary files. For flashing these > 1.2 GB KDZ files, you need to adapt a different approach as mentioned below: … Read more »

How to: Download and Install KDZ LG firmware – All Android models

Note: This guide will not work for KDZ files larger than 1.2 GB. Specifically, it means that if you have one of the latest quad-core LG smartphones including but not limited to LG Optimus G, G Pro and G2, you should be following this guide instead:

LG firmware is officially released in .kdz file format. It can either be extracted and flashed as .bin and .tot files using different unofficial tools or it can be flashed using the official KDZ Updater software. In this guide we will be covering the official method following which you can flash any model of LG Android smartphones. … Read more »

How to: Offline Flash / Unbrick / Update Sky Vega phones – All models

Sky Vega is a Korean Android smartphone manufacturing company which has recently gained enough popularity in the overseas markets. Unlike other leading smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola, Sky Vega doesn’t provide any phone flashing tools at all. All the flashing is done by ActiveX framework in Internet Explorer 8 and later. So, unlike other smartphone brands, you can’t save the firmware files of Sky Vega for offline flashing. Every time you want to flash/update a Sky Vega phone, you are forced to connect your phone to Sky Vega update servers via Internet Explorer and wait for the files to download and flash which takes a couple of hours at least.

And the problem is that the files … Read more »